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Hello Friends and Family!  Last January 2016, I received one of the hardest phone calls from my BFF that her little brother had been taken away from us due to his struggle with addiction.  I was heartbroken for their family’s loss of our brother Little Ray at 44.  It was unimaginable contemplating his leaving this world prematurely, leaving behind his parents, siblings, children, and nieces and nephews, and more family and friends.  So in honor of his memory I plan to ride, a spin bike yes, in his memory to raise awareness about the opioid epidemic and to help another in transforming their lives away from the impairment of addiction.
So please support me as I participate in the SOS – Spin for Opioid Sensibility a 60-minute spin class to help the Foundation reach our goal to fund a 12-week Intensive Outpatient program from CeDAR for one recovering client.  You can pledge from $2 or more per mile and can name a maximum amount you’re willing to contribute.
 The Raymond Rountree Jr Foundation was established last year in his memory to help someone else overcome addiction through this event and our other efforts. For your donation/pledge  I plan to cycle as many miles as I can for SOS – Spin for Opioid Sensibility; estimates are that it’s doable to ride at least 10-15 miles in that time frame.  After the spin class, I will email you how many miles I cycled, and you will be directed to the website to pay your donation.  If paying by check, make checks payable to SOS – Spin for Opioid Sensibility.  All contributions are tax-deductible.
I was one of many extremely fortunate people to have been able to call Raymond Jr.  a family friend and to witness his growth from a young boy and man and the  legacy he’s left behind, so I hope you will please consider helping me in helping to contribute to Raymond’s legacy and allow us to give back collectively by helping lift up another. Thank you for your consideration and support!! Time to sweat….

Spin for Opioid Sensibility-Help Us Help Another

byMillicent Adu-H'Torah

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Millicent Adu-H'Torah

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Millicent Adu-H'Torah
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