Recovery From Drug Addiction Is Possible.

The Raymond Rountree Jr. Foundation is committed to assisting those in addiction recovery transition. We strive to empower people with the necessary resources to sustain their conversion and help focus their commitment to living a healthy and purposeful life.

Tribute to the life and memories of Raymond Rountree Jr.

Services We Provide

The RRJR Foudation provides the following services:

  • Medical Treatment Solutions

    Discount medication
    Medication alternatives

  • Physical Health

    Discount fitness memberships: running, cycling, and weights.
    Dietary counseling

  • Spiritual Discover

    Bible study classes
    Sustaing recovery classes
    Dealing with addiction classes

  • Community Services

    Volunteer programming
    Job readiness counseling
    Employment services


Our 2021 Scholar shares her testimony on the path to recovery.

Support our mission.

One of the primary objectives of our foundation's commitment to helping people overcome the dangers of addiction is alleviating the significant treatment costs involved. The vast majority of people suffering from addiction lack the financial means to access the necessary treatment programs. The success of our past and future scholars is a direct result of the incredible generosity of our donors, so we thank you in advance for considering a one-time or recurring contribution to support those on the path to recovery!