About Us


The Opioid crisis has inflicted a destructive path of immeasurable pain and distress across so many families and communities in our society. More specifically, the United States accounts for approximately 25% of estimated drug-related deaths worldwide, including overdose deaths, which continue to rise over recent years. Opioids are the largest contributor to our nation's overdose deaths, which more than tripled during the period of 1999-2015, from 16.8k to 52.4k annually according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime's 2017 World Drug Report.

Unfortunately, this epidemic continues to dangerously trend in the wrong direction as the Center for Disease Control estimated the number of people in the U.S. who died from overdose in the 12-month period prior to January 2017 was 64,070. Although this issue has seen increased attention via media coverage and local activism, a vast awareness gap remains, which hinders action towards meaningful change.
My own ignorance compounded the pain I experienced from the loss of my brother, Raymond Rountree Jr., who passed earlier this year from opioid overdose. Thankfully, the void of his death has gradually subsided from the knowledge I've subsequently gained on the factors of addiction. My research and increased knowledge on this issue has not only eased my suffering, but more importantly, ignited my commitment to embolden a movement of continual awareness.

As eyes are opened, so does the ability to impart change, hence the birth of SOS, The Raymond Rountree Jr. Foundation, Inc., a platform dedicated to Opioid education and prevention. From the turmoil of users themselves to the helplessness and grief of their loved ones, our aim is to eradicate the firestorm of tragedy and loss caused by this epidemic.


Spin for Opioid Sensibility
An initial step in our mission is hosting the first annual SOS, Raymond Rountree Jr. Fund raiser on Saturday, January 20, 2018 at the CycleBar in Lone Tree. This event will provide a great opportunity to learn more about the Opioid epidemic in an atmosphere that stimulates physical and mental well-being. Participants will ride indoor stationary cycles for up to 60 minutes of maximum distance, which will be rewarded by each rider's per-mile donations they're able to secure.

Beyond the individual rider's generosity, we are requesting sponsorship to fund the event to optimize our fundraising efforts. We are optimistic that our collective contribution will help people stay on the path to recovery by providing a 12-week Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program (IOP} to further support ongoing recovery therapy. These programs not only provide essential daily needs, but also set the path towards broader success with support in job training, education, and counseling.

SOS - The Raymond Rountree Foundation, Inc. ("Rountree") is a Colorado non-profit organization dedicated to providing affordable, transitional, and sustainable wrap-around services to those individuals and family members impacted by the consequences of addictive drug use.
For those clients who have successfully completed therapeutic treatment and are now committed to maintaining the balance of their mind, body and soul, The Rountree Foundation, provides the following services:

1. Medical Treatment Solutions:

o Discount medication
o Medication alternatives
o Counseling
o Education
o Emergency crisis services

2. Physical Health
o Discount fitness memberships:
o Running
o Cycling
o Weights
o Dietary Counseling

3. Spiritual Discovery
o Bible study classes
o Sustaining recovery classes
o Dealing with addiction classes

4. Community Services
o Bible study classes
o Sustaining recovery classes
o Dealing with addiction classes

The Rountree Foundation is committed to assisting those in transition, adapting to significant changes in their lives, to recognize and sustain their conversion and to help focus their commitment to living a healthy and purposeful life.